About Roman Vintfeld


Roman Vintfeld is an experienced business executive from New York, New York. Roman brings a demonstrated history of working with advanced technological resources and solutions – namely, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) as a means of growing and scaling supply chain, marketing, and sales activity.

Currently, Roman serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BrainChain.AI, a company aimed at revolutionizing supply chain management and logistics via AI and ML. BrainChain.AI leverages such technology to mitigate supply chain disruption, foster increased efficiency, and help companies deliver commodities to global brands and governments. 

An established philanthropist, Roman Vintfeld has leveraged his professional roles for charitable good. He is a Co-Founder of Worldwide Friends, a U.S.-based 5013c emergency response organization providing crucial aid for those impacted by international conflicts. The program’s Ukraine Friends mission has offered aid and equipment delivery, evacuation services, and ambulance support for the Ukrainian people in response to Russian aggression. Built of several different organizations, the mission includes programs offering aid and equipment delivery, evacuation services, and ambulance support for the Ukrainian people; it has resulted in 30,000+ IFAKs delivered, 10,000+ refugees housed, 50,000+ wound kits delivered, 10,000+ children’s travel and hygiene kits delivered, 1,200 train kits delivered,  60+ mobile surgery kits delivered, and 23 ambulances delivered – with rising numbers in the aforementioned initiatives weekly. These efforts have culminated in the evacuation of over 30,000 people since the war began. 

What’s more, Roman Vintfeld was an extremely sought-after delegate at the 2022 Ukraine Recovery Conference, a two-day international conference in Lugano, Switzerland designed to present the Ukrainian roadmap on the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine and fundraising.  Vintfeld held meetings with global leaders to educate the attendees on supply chain shortages, meeting demand, and his international logistics expertise providing strategic leadership on the recovery and resilience of Ukraine. 

Roman Vintfeld believes that anyone can make a difference if they simply choose to become involved with something about which they are passionate. As a leader, he strives to find and develop team members who excel in this manner, giving them the support they need and fostering autonomy as quickly as possible. This philosophy has helped Roman build an accomplished body of work founded on aiding others and helping people reach their fullest professional potential.