Technology has transformed the way businesses reach consumers. It wasn’t so long ago that print advertisements and TV spots were the only methods marketers had to connect audiences with their brands. Today, digital marketers have tools to understand the needs, behaviors and affinities of the audiences they’re trying to reach, allowing them to build more strategic, effective ad campaigns. The best part? Much of this work can be done right from their phones.

More and more marketing efforts have shifted to mobile – which makes sense since consumers spend more time on their mobile devices than anywhere else. It is advantageous for marketers to build, monitor and edit marketing campaigns on the same device that consumers will be experiencing them. 

Mobile app developers have recognized this need, which has led to an influx of digital marketing apps available. But which are worth using? Here’s a look at the top digital marketing apps in each category. 

Best Content Creation and Design Apps


One big advantage of using Visme to create mobile-friendly presentations, infographics and social media photos is that anyone can do it – even those who don’t have a background in design. 

Infographics have become a powerful marketing tool on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. Visme allows users to aggregate external data and utilize internal data to generate compelling visual content that reaches mobile audiences seamlessly. 


Canva’s vast selection of templates and stock photos allows users to create quality marketing materials easily. Just drag and drop assets into the template of your choice, and the app does the rest. Templates are easily customizable, enabling users to showcase their brand’s unique style without building assets from the ground up. 


Need help finding the right phrase for your campaign? Want to make your writing sound more engaging? Grammarly not only acts as a spelling and grammar check but also offers suggestions on how to cut down on redundancies, make copy sound clearer and more concise and even adjust the tone of voice depending on your target audience. Grammarly’s app helps edit social media posts in real-time – which can be a huge time saver for social campaigns. 

Best Social Media Apps


A popular platform among social media managers, the HootSuite app allows users to schedule Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram posts through its mobile app. HootSuite’s free platform is an excellent choice for small business owners who may only have a social media presence on a few platforms, as this version allows for up to three accounts. For larger business needs. Paid options start at $25 per month, enabling users to add more team members and accounts as needed.


Keep a bird’s eye view on all your social media channels with Falcon. This app not only facilitates social media scheduling but also tracks engagement, measures benchmarks and offers social listening options for users to better understand and reach their target audience, then adjust campaigns as necessary to meet performance goals. 

Sprout Social

Sprout Social’s app centralizes your content calendar and the tools needed to execute them effectively all in one place. Users can schedule and monitor social content across all social media platforms, analyze data to determine the best time to publish to engage target audiences and see social media messages from followers all in one inbox for ease of response. 

Best Collaboration and Project Management Apps


Create a road map for digital marketing projects from the comfort of your phone. Asana’s cloud-based project management app streamlines projects by task, allowing users to assign tasks and efficiently collaborate on deliverables. This platform’s intuitive design is built for ease of use, enabling key project stakeholders to check in and see updates and progress in real-time. 



A powerful collaboration app, Rocket.Chat connects internal employees, external contractors and clients for quick and seamless communication across different projects. The platform allows collaborators to chat directly in group chats and specified channels. The platform’s video capabilities enable teams to talk face-to-face and screen share to weigh in on deliverables easily. 


This cloud-based project management app has every feature a collaborative team could want. Share documents, set goals and respond to messages quickly and efficiently through the app’s inbox. This dashboard provides everything a business manager could need at a glance to keep tabs on projects and work across interdisciplinary teams. Manage team member workloads, set projections for work weeks in advance and customize the platform to your liking with over 1,000 integrations. From productivity tools to task tracking and more, ClickUp’s interface has thought of everything.


If you’re doing business internationally, a project management app that caters to more than one language makes for an ideal digital marketing app in your arsenal. ProofHub’s multilingual interface is available in French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Chinese, Italian, Polish and Turkish. Aside from its diverse language offerings, ProofHub seamlessly integrates with popularly used file-sharing platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox, making it easy to share large files with those who need access. The app’s time tracking tool helps managers understand where the most time is spent on projects to help optimize workflow, saving time and money in the long run.